MsGyver is a self-employed tour & stage manager, guitar & keys technician, and merchandise manager with 25+ years experience across the globe. From intimate single digit audiences to headlining in front of 100k+ audiences, MsGyver specialises in providing the much-needed safety net for the artist.

When you perform, all you should have to think about, is getting your performance just perfect.

To make sure the rest is simply not on your mind, MsGyver has an extensive set of skills to be the safety net you didn't know you need.


Tour, Stage, & Production Manager


Guitar & Keys Technician


Merchandise Manager

MSGyver's safety net is cast worldwide


Performing duties as guitar and bass tech stage left.
In charge of backline & operating surfaces truck load.
Performing many different duties for them; from crew chief to stagehand, and from audio A2 to follow spot operator.
Helping out as general backliner with a focus on guitars whenever our calendars match.
years active
strings changed
safety nets cast

"In addition to having the basic stuff down, she isn't satisfied until she's figured out all the quirky little diva details that keep you happy. She's also extremely efficient and willing to help out wherever she sees the need; I don't think "that's not my job" exists in her vocabulary.
She proved her worth by having everything set up so well to begin with that I never needed her to do much for me on stage. But I knew she would be there in a flash if something ever did go wrong, which was very reassuring."

Lori Linstruth - guitarist, ex-Stream of Passion

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