With everything that happened in Paris tonight, regardless of who did what, and why…
Innocent people died, while having a good time. Gone. Forever.

People of this earth, make sure that you let the ones you love know that you love them. One moment you’re here, the next you may not.

Especially all the ones touring. We’re a bunch of romantics and idealists, oblivious to what happens in the real world, happily living in the soap bubble that we call touring life, or tour bus, or what have you.
Think of us as the last of the mohicans, not giving up our dream, not growing up, just like Peter Pan.
Today, that soap bubble burst.
Being on tour is no longer that care-free world where your biggest issues are whether or not you get your PD’s, or whether the bus is properly stocked.
That point was hammered home today. Violently.

We’re on the road because the ones we love let us. Sometimes months on end, we go, because we love this crazy lifestyle, and they love us enough to let us.

Make sure you let the ones you love that you think of them. Often.


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